The Importance Of Fitness Among Teenage Girls

Teenagers face a lot of psychological and physical issues. While some may deal with these issues excellently, some may not be so lucky. Some of the issues they face include discovering their personalities, dealing with the physical changes in their bodies, discovering their potential and understanding the world around them. As most teenage girls get to puberty, insecurities start kicking in. Some are no longer confident in their abilities and how they look. While we may provide support, there are other things that can help these teenage girls become better. One of them is a good fitness routine.

Advantages of fitness among teenage girls
As the body changes physically, teenagers may struggle accepting themselves. This is especially so for those who feel that they are bigger than their peers. To regain confidence in their general appearance, exercises may be a good start. They can work out to shed the extra weight and achieve their ideal size. Achieving a given level of fitness will also boost their ability to concentrate, reduce their stress levels and ultimately improve their overall performance in school.

Exercising may lead to the discovery of the sports and games that the girl is talented and good at.  These sports or games can then be pursued competitively in school and professionally later on.  It may also lead to the discovery of the things that the teenagers could explore as hobbies during their free time. This will generally improve how they spend their time and therefore leave little or no time for insecurities.

Health Benefits
Like with all other groups of people, fitness promotes overall health in teenage girls. It enhances posture and manageable body weight therefore eliminating the chances of occurrence of spinal cord issues and back problems. It also promotes healthy joints, ligaments and muscles enhancing proper functioning. In addition, it promotes the release of feel good hormones which help the teenagers in releasing stress and achieving a happier life.

What do they need?
To enhance fitness, the teenagers not only require help from their coaches but also support from family and friends.  This means ensuring that they have the right gear for their games and sports, the correct equipment if needed and that they are in the correct mental state for training.  It is good to listen to their grievances, give them the advice they may need or help out in any other way. In addition, friends and family can attend different games or sports to support and encourage them.

Siblings should refrain from making fun of the teenage girls as this demotivates them. Parents who notice some form of bullying should report to the teachers or their fellow parents in order to deal with it effectively. Bullying prevents children from achieving their full potential both academically and when it comes to fitness.  Helping the teenage girls practice or exercise is encouraged among family members and close friends. Overall, fitness will also help them in achieving all round growth.